16 The Cave
17 The Fig-Tree
18 The Almond Tree
19 The Prickly Pear
20 The Olive Tree
21 The Broom
22 The Olive-Groove
23 The Pine
24 The Eucalyptus
25 The Oaks
26 The Belvedere


Corbaro Park lies at a few steps from the characteristic and rich in century-old tradition peak of Santa Maria as well as from the Monte Toppo, a hill with a height of almost 300 m above sea level on the western slope of the island in the town of Forio.
From the "terraces" of Corbaro the amazing panorama becomes even superlative, thanks to the exclusive Green Ray (a green glow adding and dominating the red sunset).

For those wishing to spend a night "in the moonlight" it is possible to pitch tents and/or sleeping-sacks in certain equipped areas (provided with W.C. and stream points at 220 volts), where one can also enjoy an incomparable panorama.

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